Meet Brittany

I looked around and asked myself, "Is this how I want to live my life?" 

To my surprise, a voice answered, "No." 

Then, in the space of just a few months, my whole life collapsed around me.

I'm Brittany... 

Do you ever wonder if the life you’re currently living is all you were meant for?


I did.

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Most people thought I had the perfect life - I had a high-paying job in Silicon Valley, wonderful relationships family and friends, and spent weeks on end traveling the world. I 'had it all', yet felt completely dead inside. For years I was deeply depressed, keeping it hidden from loved ones and shaming myself for not being grateful for what I had. I truly felt my only escape was death.

I convinced myself that a new job was the solution. I interviewed with dozens of the Bay Area's biggest companies. The roles I was interviewing for, on paper, should've been a dream come true. They were everything I'd been working toward. Yet, I left each interview feeling depleted, uninspired, and empty. During one of the interviews, I looked around at everyone busily going about their 80-hour work week and asked myself, "Is this truly how I want to live my life?" To my surprise, a voice responded with, "No." 

I continued dragging myself into work every day asking myself, "What am I meant to do? Where am I meant to go? Who am I?" In these dark moments, I began experiencing a series of spiritual awakenings. I didn't think things could get worse, but they did. The awakenings I was experiencing were wrapped up in severely traumatic events. I thought I was going crazy and that my death wish might actually come true. The reality was that my life needed to crumble. It needed to burn to the ground so that my true self could be reborn.  

In utter desperation, I turned inward, hoping to connect to anything higher than myself - the universe, God, whoever could hear me. I'd already developed a regular meditation and journaling practice, read hoards of books and sought advice from therapists, coaches, spiritual advisors, and dozens of alternative healers. It wasn't until I reconnected with horses, my childhood passion, that the real healing occurred. As I rose from my own ashes, I began to experience life in a completely new way. 


I decided then that I wanted to help others who were experiencing what I'd been through. I wanted to introduce the healing power of horses to those who might otherwise never have an experience with a horse. It was then that Equisano was born...

A horse will reflect exactly what we need to see about ourselves

Equine credentials and affiliations

EAHAE International Horse Assisted Education Member

EAHAE International Horse Assisted Education 'Train the Trainer' Certification, 2016

Equine Guided Education Certification, Skyhorse Ranch, 2016


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