Arena Program

Reclaim your truth.

Are you ready to shed the old you and share your authentic self with the world?

Release the conscious and unconscious patterns holding you back so you can finally share your true self with the world. This is the essence of the Arena Program. Over the course of this all encompassing four month program, you will step into the arena of your life as your authentic self.

Let our horses help you rediscover the real you, identify and fix areas of misalignment, and create a strong foundation for unshakeable confidence in your life moving forward. 

“True belonging doesn’t require us to change who we are. It requires us to be who we are.”

- Brené Brown

What to expect

What is the purpose of this program?

In this end-to-end program, you will:​

  • Identify the differences between living from your conditioned mind versus your authentic self

  • Receive education, tools, and techniques to remove both conscious and unconscious patterning that has been blocking you

  • Develop clarity around where you are headed, why you’re headed there, and receive support as you start to walk your new path

  • Perform a series of exercises and rituals that promote improved consciousness and sustainable transformation 

  • Develop an ability to speak your truth, express your unique gifts, and find greater purpose in your life 

  • Become your most vibrant, aligned, and authentic self 


Is this program for you?

This program may be a good fit if any of the following resonates:

  • You are finally ready to focus on you instead of everyone else in your life

  • You are considering one or more major life changes

  • You have a deep yearning for something more substantial in life and feel as though you’ve lost touch with who you really are

  • You know you want to make big changes in your life and that those changes will be easier to integrate if you have someone to guide and support you along the way

  • You are open to new ways of thinking and being - spiritually, emotionally, and physically

  • You have achieved ‘success’ and found it left you feeling empty and dissatisfied


How is this program different from others?

This comprehensive program takes you through every step of walking your authentic path. We know from our own experience that change takes time, which is why this four month program is structured in a way that gives you ample time to implement learnings, deal with setbacks, and transition into a new way of being all while receiving continuous support and guidance. Many other courses and retreats give you a number of tools and techniques and leave you on your own to integrate into your life. However, in our experience, it is often the integration that’s the most challenging aspect of these major changes, which is why we want to be there to help you on your path.


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