The Equisano Experience
What is equine coaching?

Horses are teachers, guides, and powerful human development partners. They act as mirrors, reflecting back everything we need to see about ourselves. Sometimes, the mirror reflects our inner  joy, happiness and compassion, other times it exposes incongruence, darkness, and unresolved emotions. Equine coaching asks our horse counterparts to help show us where we can grow and heal. The horse and coach work together as partners, co-workers, and co-facilitators to help groups and individuals become more conscious of themselves and the world around them. 

Horses can help you reclaim ownership of your life, find your authentic voice, and transform yourself and others around you.

Horses have an incredible ability to get right to the heart of the matter. The horses and I work together to help you identify areas of misalignment, tap into core values, and release limiting beliefs. I develop meaningful relationships with clients to create a strong sense of trust and safety. In turn, clients feel comfortable exploring aspects of themselves that they might otherwise keep hidden.


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