What if you had the power to let go of your fears, release social conditioning, and experience the authentic purpose only you can bring the world?


Join the movement. Women are taking their lives back by creating a new definition of success, releasing toxic beliefs, reconnecting with their true essence, and seeking greater purpose in their lives. They are waking up to themselves and realizing that the traditional measures of success feel empty. For many, the career, the white picket fence, the fame, and fortune no longer feel meaningful. The question is, what does an authentic life look like? 


I demystify what it means to live authentically. My programs support you in establishing goals and values that are true to your soul’s purpose. Then, together we pinpoint areas of your life that aren’t in alignment with those values. By working with my horses, you will develop a clearer understanding of your authentic self and learn how to integrate your new way of being into your day-to-day life.  

Learn daily practices that allow you to break unconscious patterns and develop a better connection with your soul.

Personal Coaching

I have a passion for helping people connect with deeper parts of themselves. As your coach and mentor, I will help guide you every step of our journey.  By utilizing a unique blend of coaching and healing methodologies, I'm able to provide simple techniques that enable clients to reconnect with their true self and realize their full potential.  



Connection Call

Complimentary 30-minute call

Let's talk about YOU - your goals, hopes, dreams, and challenges. Click here to learn more.






NEW! - Summer Sessions

$80/1hr   $145/2hrs   $230/3hrs (discounts available)

Allow me to inspire and empower you to confidently move forward... all from the comfort of your own home or my air-conditioned office! 






The Join Up

2.5-hour equine session - $180 

Be guided by the wisdom of the horse to identify your unconscious blocks. Following the session, you will receive a detailed plan that will support your next steps. Click here to learn more.






Youth Sessions 

1-hour equine session - $80 (discounts available)

Help the child in your life build self-confidence, improve focus, and strengthen ambition.






Adult Sessions 

1-hour equine session - $100 (discounts available)

A perfect fit for those who know they want guidance, but are unsure about next steps.





Groundwork Program

60-day intensive - $640 

A deep-dive into your authentic self. Develop new levels of self-awareness, intuition, and methods of self-expression. Click here to learn more.






Arena Program

6-month intensive -$1680

All material from the Groundwork Program + extensive work to integrate learnings and start building your dream life. Click here to learn more.



Female Empowerment & Relationship Building

Looking for something different to do with a group? We work with female leaders, families, and friendship groups to offer empowerment, leadership, and relationship building programs. These programs assist in conflict resolution, improve self-image, and facilitate improved self-awareness and greater consciousness. Our exercises mimic the challenges women and families face in the real world, giving participants an opportunity to experiment with different leadership styles, learn new communication strategies, and fine-tune emotional intelligence in a safe space. The blend of experiential learning and groundwork with horses provide a unique opportunity for groups to bond and grow in completely new ways. Here are just some of the things we help with:

  • Navigating negative relationship patterns and family disharmony

  • Dealing with conflict and change  ​

  • Strengthening interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, and listening skills

  • Improving group self-awareness, self-love and self-confidence

  • Teaching the differences between leadership and power, and how to earn respect amongst peers

  • Increasing group cohesiveness, productivity, and trust

  • Tapping into previously undiscovered creativity and improving problem-solving skills

  • Creating deep emotional bonding


I offer half-day, full-day, and multi-day sessions. Video and photography for an add-on rate. Prices vary on group size and program duration. If you are interested in learning more about our group programs, please click the link below to receive a quote and schedule a planning call.


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