The Join Up

Turn your lack of inspiration into passion and purpose

In the horse world, the “Join Up” is a time of bonding and establishing connection between horse and human. It sets the tone for the journey ahead. Even seasoned horse experts agree that what happens during the Join Up process is magical. This session reveals areas of misalignment while helping you become aware of the beliefs that are keeping you there.

Unbridle your authentic self

What to expect

What is the purpose of this session?

This program sets the foundation for you to start to live a life of meaning by connecting with your authentic self. During this intensive session you will:

  • Learn how to establish trust with a horse by starting to peel back the layers of social conditioning to reveal the real you. As a result, the horse will accept your presence, touch, and energy; allowing you to form a bond unlike any other.

  • Identify aspects of yourself that are not in alignment. Perhaps you are in a job that is a dead end, or in a relationship that’s holding you back. Whatever it is, this session aims to identify those blocks.

  • Start to become aware of the moments you are living from your conditioned self versus your authentic self. In turn, you will start to learn how it is impacting all aspects of your life - your relationships, health, and career.

  • Finally, you will be given tools and tactics to help you regularly reconnect with your true self while living your day-to-day life.

Is this session for you?

You may benefit from this program if you relate to any of the following:

  • You seek to walk a path that is truly yours and no one else’s - you’re tired of living your life for others

  • You’re unsatisfied with aspects of your life, but are unsure where to start or how to address them

  • You feel as though other people’s definition of success (ie fame, fortune, career) is not your own. Or perhaps you achieved another’s standard of success and found it left you feeling empty and unsatisfied. You’re now wondering what’s next.

  • You feel as though you’ve lost your passion for life and are longing to find a more meaningful purpose

  • You want to start (or continue) your journey to connect with your true self

  • You want to be the best version of yourself and positively impact the world

  • You’re curious about equine coaching but aren’t ready to commit to a longer program

What makes this session different from others?

Our intensive Join Up session allows you to experience your higher self in a completely unique way. Our horses provide instant feedback on your self awareness, intention, and emotional congruence; allowing you to experience growth much faster than you might in traditional coaching or talk therapy methods. This feedback allows you to have real-time breakthroughs by becoming attuned to how you are showing up in life, and how you might be blocking yourself.


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